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Interview with Candice VanSchoyck

The first time I saw Candice’s painting, I moved my head forward and observed the details of her polished work. Once I absorbed everything, I looked around the room and everything became oil on canvas: smooth, rich, and romantic. Her work draws you in, makes you appreciate your surroundings, and establishes a sense of duly refinement. Candice is a lovely lady with an enchanting smile that radiates joy and sincerity. I’m lucky to have met her.

Candice smiles for the camera outside of the Park View Gallery

1) Tell us a little about your background – what path led you to what you’re doing now?
I was about 7-8 years old, seeing an original oil painting for the first time and was totally facinated. I remember distinctly saying to myself, “I can do that…that’s what I’m suppose to do…oil paint”. My path was set.
There was never a time I wasn’t making and pursuing my creative self expression through the arts: Coloring, making paper creations, designing fashion clothes for my paper dolls, drawing people, watercolor painting, and singing, dancing and studying piano.
I believe all my life experience, travel, study of music, as an experienced dance instructor, in acting and film and the study of design have contributed richly to my creative vision. Every new creative and life experience has helped me evolve as an artist.
Sense memory recall helps me to keep my creative juices flowing, adding passion, emotion and breathing life into my paintings.
In the 60’s while in high school, I received Honorable Mention at the “Hallmark Festival of The Arts,”  an event at the Akron Art Institute. Later I attended evening classes in Figure Drawing and Fashion Illustration at CCAD.
In ’90-’91, I began painting exclusively in oil and accepting commissions, and later began offering private instruction. In ’99, I began painting with artist Robert Warren, a friend, and painting mentor.

2) What does a typical day at work involve for you?
Every day is a good day… if I can paint. However, on a daily basis, I can be found doing any number of the following: Planning and preparing to begin a painting or several for instructional purposes; taking photos and sketching; writing instructions; and creating promotional material. Currently there are three class paintings underway for Sept. and Oct.

Advising and helping out her students during an oil painting class

3) You’ve taught several painting classes at the Park View Gallery. What is your favorite part about art instruction?
My favorite part is seeing the expressions on the students faces when they see, and begin to realize what they accomplished in a single day of painting.

Classic Brass on Black

A student's painting at the end of the class

4) How does commissioned work and personal work compare and contrast?
Both are enjoyable and gratifying in different ways. Either way, you get to paint! Either way, you’re doing what you love and what you must do.
A client has a subject or an idea in mind. My preference is to meet in person to determine his/her likes and dislikes; their expectations and agreeable to both of us. I produce usually three sketches from which the client makes a choice. At that time, it’s decided whether or not to move forward with the commission.
A personal work is total freedom…the total expression of the soul at the moment. It is an experiment in color, shape and form, a discovery, an opportunity to stretch and learn. It can be exhilarating and sometimes you think it a disaster, but it is always a rewarding learning experience. The important thing is you get to paint!

5) How is your business structured? Do you take part in everything from advertising to website design?
It’s a one person operation except for my webmaster.

6) Besides painting, what other things do you enjoy?
Chocolate!!!!! To name a few things: Travel, all forms of dance, snorkeling, sun, sand.

7) What are you working on now and what are you looking forward to?
As mentioned earlier, there are three class paintings in the works. I’m planning and working on future exhibit materials and also thinking about taking a few days off in the fall.

There are two upcoming oil painting classes with Candice. For more information, contact her at

Interviewed by Connie Q.