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Muitoshoku (Four-character idiom)
Idling one’s time away
Ex: How about finding a steady job instead of idling your time away?

I left Japan about a week ago. It was truly a blink of time.

From seeing Cezanne at The National Art Center Tokyo and The Vision of Contemporary Art at the Ueno Royal Museum to enjoying the Arab Express at  the Mori Art Museum and Boro-Japanse Textile Art- at the Amuse Museum to admiring Ken Kuroi’s illustrations at Matsuya Ginza Gallery and Luna Flora Soap Art Collection at Takashimaya Shinjuku Department Store, I feel like I saw an eclectic mix of art while in Tokyo. Yet, I regret how I could have spent more time exploring… If only I was not idling my time away.

Luckily, there’s a website called Spoon & Tamago to keep us updated 🙂

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