Sunshine Gold


Happy 2012! It’s the third day of the new year, yet all I have been doing is catching up with the yesteryear. Watching movies, reading books, listening to music–all the things I missed while chalking away during the school year. I realize that I’ve been a slacker: I have only written a total of seven posts in 2011, but.

The day I came home after school ended coincided with my mother’s return from Mauritius, where she has been working for the past year. Our family reunited, but 2/3 of us were jet-lagged, and 1/3 of us was sick; so instead of a big tight hug, we all collapsed. After Christmas, we all had our shares of recuperative shopping spree–my mom with her two day tour of mall after malls, me with my wishlist on Amazon, and my dad with a trip to the Houston Chinatown. Before New Years, my mother dug these jewelry out of her treasure drawer and passed them on to me. I think it was an excuse to get rid of things in order to buy new ones. But I happened to like everyone of them, because my mom has a kickass taste.

Jewelry passed down from moms and grandmas always feels so precious to me. They are reminders of love that I can carry with me wherever I go. I feel protected. Poised.

It’s what made them so beautiful. If only I carry with me a sliver of that beauty.

What are your favorite jewelry passed down from your mom, grandmas, grand-grandmas…?

Posted by Connie


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