Around this time last year, I was yawning on my bed and grasping my blanket for the last gulp of warmness. This spring, I wake up around 6AM, and do two things I never thought I would do before: exercising before noon and eating breakfast. How things have changed! The only thing that hasn’t changed is my cacti plant, which is sitting near the windowsill. Its color, size, and shape remain as what I saw a year ago; but on a microscopic level, even cactus are going through some significant changes that are invisible to the naked eye.

He surely knows how to win a girl's heart with those wonderful signatures

Park View Gallery has evolved a lot since I first stepped into it doors. Just when I visited the Gallery at the beginning of the month, I noticed a metamorphosis in the set-up of the Gallery. Tables and sofa exchanged their spots; artworks were updated and moved around; and there was a box of BBQ beef pizza in the back room. Mmmmh!

Azn craze!

Nothing quite ushers in spring like an explosion of warmth and color. From the feminine silk scarves to the sleekly framed photographs to the tiny whimsical shoulder bags, be ready to be charmed by the artists’ ability to convey seasonal characteristics. Sometimes I am amazed by how art can manifest your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Gift paradise

Some two weeks ago, I was trying to pick a few gifts for an important occasion at the PVG, and before I realized what time it was, I had already spent over thirty minutes deciding. In economics terms, I have a tendency to generate an excessive search cost, an economic disaster. But thanks to Cindy’s help, I was finally able to pick a pair of dazzling earrings (made by Angie Terry), Autumn Woods Herbal Soap (can be found here), and a photograph by Jack Burns out of a delectable selection of art, jewelry, and accessories. I’ve met a man who bought his wife a surprise gift one night, and a couple that selected each other’s anniversary gift from the gallery. Aside from cheesy romantic thoughts, I recommend you to check out the lovely exhibition by Lynn Carden happening how at OU-Chillicothe (photos here). Here’s my favorite part of her artist’s statement:

“I’ve dug and planted many gardens… When I begin a painting, I select a bloom to bring into the studio — then I hold it in my hand, smell it, turn it this way and that while beginning the meditative experience of drawing.”

“…A Walk in the Garden”
Ohio University- Chillicothe
Bennet Hall, Patricia Scott Gallery
March 11-April 8, 2011
Gallery Hours 9:00AM – 7:30PM


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