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Coffee or Tea?

Amidst the brightly decorated streets of downtown Chillicothe, we are all excited that Spring is approaching soon. The Park View Gallery is looking forward to the warmth and the fresh beauty of Ohio as we transition from February to March. In the meantime, stop by the gallery to get warm and comfy, sip some hot and delicious coffee, buy a Valentine’s Day gift, or sign our guestbook that is overflowed with entries from all over the world.

Don't be afraid to be extravagant


Gold and Silver

Things to keep you warm

Little intricacies

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CoExistence- Artist Anne Boscher

Anne Boscher tells stories through visual art. Her deliciously playful illustrations for Mémoires de griot contain hordes of adorable children and animals set in the Sénégal river that inevitably refreshes your dormant wanderlust. Luckily, the well-traveled French artist skillfully takes you inside her narrative without any necessity to buy a plane ticket. This Friday the 4th, Anne is going to tell her stories through Skype at the opening reception of her first exhibit in the United States. So if you are in Ohio, come to OU Chillicothe to get ready for an amazing journey.


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